Charting A New Course


ASB students making posters for "Hello Week"

Kiera Irving, Reporter

As the new school year starts, we also have new ASB officers. Each one of them chose their positions for certain reasons. Kayla Moul (Gr. 7), ASB President, is in to making things happen. “I wanted to be in charge and make some fun changes for the school.”  Riley Park (Gr. 7), ASB Vice President, likes her supportive role.“I chose it because want to help out the president with the meetings and everything she does.” Kate Gonsalves (Gr. 7), Secretary of ASB, just wanted to have more impact.“I chose this position because I want to help out more in ASB and do more activities.”  Amani Eulmi (Gr. 7), Treasure of ASB, wanted a challenge. “I chose this position because it’s the hardest and I like to do the work.” Each office has their favorite part of ASB, Kate likes the possibilities. “I like how creative we get to be and how we don’t really have much limit.” For Amani, it is the “hands-on” aspect. “The most fun part is conducting the meetings and counting up the money with Miss Knowles. What I also like about ASB is that you get to have independence and you work as leaders.” Our President and Vice President have some great goals for this year. Kayla explains, “I would love to bring food trucks to school and maybe get the clean water fountains, fun stuff like that!”  For Riley, it’s all about the big picture. ”My goals are to plan parties, fundraisers and help with everything ASB does.”