Familiar Faces

Lukas Hadjis

Lukas Hadjis, Reporter

This year at AOMS, we have many new teachers and staff. One of those new teachers is Mrs. Devich. “This year I am teaching 6th and 7th grade social studies.” Mrs. Devich has been teaching since the mid-nineties, which means she has been to a few schools in her career. Some of our students have been lucky enough to have had her before, in a previous class. “Before coming to AOMS, I was a fifth grade teacher at Poinsettia Elementary School.” Like most teachers, Mrs. Devich has already set her goals on what she would like to accomplish. Right now, she has one main goal that she wants to accomplish. “My goal for myself this year is to get to know the students and staff at this big, amazing school.” Inspiration for her teaching career is one of her teachers that made a great impact on her, “A third grade teacher that put me on the spot when I was little, and it inspired me to do the things that she didn’t do!” All in all, Mrs. Devich is looking forward to the years ahead and enjoying the chance to make a difference for kids that are at school.