Leaving a Legacy


Samuel Daher

Mr. K. in his classroom.

Lukas Hadjis, Reporter

Mr. K. has been on this campus for a long time. ” I have been on this campus for eight years. This is my ninth year teaching here.” Many students, like Sophia Martin (Gr. 7), have fond memories of being in his class. ” I liked how he always woke us up in the morning, by having us do a morning jog around the building.” Other students, who have him now, like Reese Braidic (Gr.6), are glad they got a chance to have him as a teacher. “I like that he was very funny and enthusiastic about everything.” Mr. K. explains that teaching has always been something that was in his blood. ” I’ve always liked working working with kids, so back in the day, at family events, I would kind of occupy all the little cousins and my siblings. I was kind of in charge of keeping them occupied and out of trouble, and having them do fun stuff.” Reese agrees with his ability to make learning fun, “and he was probably my favorite teacher.”

Sadly, life has many changes for everyone, and it is time for Mr. K. to move on. He was chosen to be the new assistant principal at Valley Middle School, but he will be taking lots of good memories with him. “I’m gonna miss a lot from this school. I’ve been here a long time. Definitely the students, I love teaching sixth grade. I’ve come to make many friendships with staff here as well as administrators. I love the campus. I love the parents. I’m gonna miss the people, mostly.” As he heads off to new horizons, he leaves us with these words of advice, “Listen to your teachers. Make good choices. And you get what you give. If you’re gonna give good effort, you’re gonna get the rewards that come with that.” Good luck, Mr. K., we’re gonna miss you.