Getting Our Wings


Sebastian Deustua

Welcome Posters

Sebastian Deustua, Reporter

On the last day of summer, while the 7th and 8th graders were enjoying their last 24 hours of freedom before the school schedule kicked in, the incoming 6th graders were at school where they went through 6th grade orientation. Scott Parker, one of our new 6th grade students, was excited about the changes. “Yeah, there’s more room! And, the water’s better, and there’s more food!” For the 6th graders, this is all a new experience, almost a whole new world. But, for the 8th graders, none of this is new. In fact, for the WEB leaders, like CarlyRae Jones, this is like going back to when they were starting out, but from a new perspective. “It really reminded me a lot about when I was a 6th grader, and how I was feeling. I was really nervous about going to middle school and all my classes and all that. And it was really nice to help the 6th graders to get to know the campus better.” Although there is a difference in ages, WEBies and Newbies have a lot in common. They all want to do their best this year. As Andres Deustua (Gr. 6) explains, “ I feel great. I absolutely loved it. I feel so excited for 6th grade. I think I’m going to do great.I’m going to study so hard!” This shows that even though there is a difference in our ages, at the end of the day, we are all still Falcons.