Sign on the Line


Mrs. Wycoff

7th grade students enjoy reconnecting after summer break.

CarlyRae Jones, Reporter

This year our campus got to experience a more efficient registration. Delaine Meyers (Gr. 8) noticed the difference. “The process is different because it went a lot faster and the picture booth was quicker because they had three different stations.” Registration reveals your new schedule for the year and Delaine was full of anticipation. “I like rushing over to my friends to see if we have the same classes.” No matter what grade you’re in, registration is a fun time. Breelyn Anderson (Gr.8) enjoyed her years of experience.  “I’m kind of getting used to it, now that I’m in 8th grade. It’s a lot easier. It can still be a little confusing, but now, I’m better at it.” Delaine agrees that experience pays off.  “I’m kind of used to the way things go. You like stop in the office, then walk around the campus, then at the end, you get your schedule and chromebook.” Registration is something every student gets to experience. Although it is usually very familiar for the 8th graders, this year brought many improvements to the process, which everyone enjoyed.