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Samuel Daher

The counseling team greeting students and parents at Back to School Night

Sofia Garruto, Reporter

Back to school night is a night where parents can come after school and are able to meet and see their kid’s teachers. Mrs. Siegel enjoyed the event. “So far back to school night is going very well. I’m getting to meet all of my son’s teachers and finding of all the new programs that the school is offering. It’s going to be a good year!” Before parents enter, teachers have to get prepared to show the parents how things move along in their classroom. This is how Ms. Hauck-wood prepares. “I spend time looking at my powerpoint, and I always start with the one that I used the year before. I think through my assignments, and I think through what parents need to know. I try to put it together in a really concise presentation because we only have 10 minutes per period”. Not only are the parents experiencing nervous feelings, but the teachers also share this feeling too. Ms. Hauck-wood explains, “I tell the first period parents that I am more comfortable in front of their kids. I’m actually very comfortable in front of their kids and nervous in front of them. The parents are very kind and they laugh. I find when the next group of parents comes in, I don’t even have to say that. I kind of relaxed because I’ve done it once.” Back to school night gives the parents a better feel for their kid’s teachers and their learning environments. Mrs. Hauck-wood explains, “Back to school night is a way to start communication between parents and teachers. I think it’s important to have a face with a name and know what the classroom looks like. It’s important to also know where their kids are spending a lot of days and who their teacher is.”