Enchanted Forest Book Fair

Juliana Proctor, Reporter

This year’s book fair held in the library had a theme of enchanted forest. Mrs. Laughry has set many great times for kids to buy books. “During your brunch we’re open, all the brunches. Most lunches, all next week too for everyone to come shop. And you will come with your English class also, to visit the book fair.” The book fair is open most hours of the day. There are also a few rules. In order to shop at the book fair, you have to leave your backpack outside and just bring in your money. “You also have the opportunity to shop online for the book fair, starting November 10th. Saturday, November 10th. All the way through November so the end of November, November 30th will be the last day to shop online.” To shop online, go to the link on the school’s website. This year’s book fair was very successful, and many people had fun buying books and the different things they sold.