What’s that sound?


Yalda Shamsaeifar, Reporter

On October, 12th, orchestra had their first concert of the year. Shaun Saenz (Gr. 7) embraced the learning process.“We did great! We kind of screwed up, but it was still fun!” Alexander Palombi-Long (Gr.6) believes that they had a good concert. “We did great! We kind of screwed up but it was still fun!” This year, the concert was in the brand new Sage Creek High School auditorium. Alexander Palombi-Long (Gr.6) enjoyed the experience. “It was very decorational and it had a lot of cool stuff!” For Kiana Cheatham (Gr.6) It was a chance to be inspired. I liked listening to the older kids play!” Overall the kids did a great job at the concert, liked the new auditorium, and can’t wait to perform again.