Drama in Social Studies?

Dannika Witt, Reporter

In Mrs. Schweizer’s 7th-grade social studies class, students got the opportunity to perform plays in front of their classmates. One of the students, Frankie Callahan (Gr. 7), gave a more detailed description of the assignment.  “We made social studies mini-dramas about medieval times.” The students first, had to write a script, practice it, and then perform it in front of their classmates. Lauren Neely (Gr. 7) described her experience. “It was fun because it was different than just sitting and reading from a textbook. It was just a fun way to learn.” Using a different strategy to teach, allows students to use their creativity. Frankie enjoyed this project for a different reason. “I liked it because they made their plays creative.”  All the students had a great deal of fun and learned a lot.