Help Isn’t A Four-Letter Word!

Sofia Garruto

Sofia Garruto, Reporter

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Math Tutoring is a program that is funded by the PTSA, and it’s a wonderful way to catch up on math. Mr. Burns is one of our talented math teachers who helps out. “Math Tutoring is every week from right after school, 2:10 to 3:10 unless there’s a holiday.” Math tutoring can be helpful, and it’s very beneficial for students. Mr. Burns is joined by several other teachers on campus to support the program. “We have a couple of fantastic teachers working in here. Mrs. Sullivan, Mrs. Pujji, and myself. We’re in here to help anyone that has an issue with their homework, or needs to catch up, or anything like that. So it’s a really low-key atmosphere for people that ask questions and get their work done.” Mr. Burns thinks that math tutoring can make a difference in a students math scores. “Anytime you get one-on-one help, it’s gonna raise your level of improving your performance with whatever kind of work you’re doing in your math class.” We’re very grateful that our PTSA funds such a helpful program on campus.