Invasion of the Robots!

Austin Jew

Austin Jew, Reporter

Robotics is an after-school program which can teach many valuable skills. Here is Theo Nakfoor Robotics Coach to name some of them. “Teamwork because you have to work as a team to figure out how to solve the problems on the field. Public speaking since you have to present to judges in order to get scored.” Many people have different opinions but a different point of view on kid’s learning from Robotics. Here’s Ethan to explain more on the topic. “Robotics helps students with learning because it’s very educational and you can learn a lot of things.” He explains that robotics is “Like teamwork, innovation, and yeah like speech and learning how to present stuff. This is really good for students cause then in class they like already know how to work together and also the class can influence this.” On the official FLL or first lego league website they state, “Throughout their experience, teams will operate under the FIRST signature set of Core Values, celebrating discovery, teamwork, and Gracious Professionalism.” Robotics can help your social and online skills. These skills can affect your way in school and at home.