New School Year, New ASB Officers

Zoe Watts and Racquel Crook, Reporter

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ASB is one of our fun and impactful electives here on campus. In part, because the students themselves help choose spirit days and other fun activities around school. Every year a new set of leaders comes in. This year the ASB president was Melia Arboit (Gr. 8), who describes ASB as “super-fun.” She really enjoyed the connections she made on campus: “You get to help around the school and you get to meet a lot of new people.” The Vice President was Kenna Cullins (Gr. 8), who said, “I love to work with others and enjoy my leadership role.” Paige Wilson took up the role of secretary, and Leana Christoffersen was this year’s treasurer. ASB also had a new teacher this year, Ms. Holland. The ASB leaders spent many hours throughout the year showing school pride and making AOMS a better place to be.