Time to Step It Up


Annie Provo

Students get involved in order to win prizes in the Step It Up assembly.

Megan Shetty and Annie Provo

Greg Hanson and the Step It Up fundraiser was a new fundraising event this year. “I Think is is fun to see kids be in their element and do super-fun stuff.They not only do a fundraiser, but they get to have an amazing fun day with a super party celebration at the end of the event.” Greg was very enthusiastic about the new focus of this event. “They can just be active and be themselves.” Kara Kruger (Gr. 7) was one student who excelled in this fundraiser and raised around $400.00. In the beginning, she did not think she was going to do so well. “I never win things like this!” However, in the end, she was very successful. “I won the hundred dollar envelop, the retro TV, the selfie light and the 10 foot phone charger.” The final celebration event included many games and activities as well as a BMX bike show. ASB worked hard to create a very successful event.