What’s Your Identity?


Kiera Irving

6th Grade students work on creating their identity masks.

Kiera Irving and CarlyRae Jones

Coming into middle school, 6th graders can find it challenging with all the new people and all the new names. So the mask project was a very unique way to get to know each other. Students also got to express their creativity through their decorations and color. Danica Igarta (Gr. 6) saw the bigger purpose for the activity. “I thought we did this project because it helped us to show our identities to the class, and it helped us learn more about each other.” Grant Connolly (Gr. 6) found it very fun to make masks to learn all about each other. “On the outside of the mask you can write things you want people to know, and on the inside of the mask you can write things you don’t want other people to know about, but it’s still good to express your feelings. And you can decorate it as you want.”