The Great Outdoors


Students relax in the play area between activities.

Annalisa Conca, Reporter

As kids were walking to school, getting ready to leave to 6th grade camp, many were excited for the adventures to come. Zach Jones (Gr. 6) was “excited for the rock-climbing wall.” Stella Roller (Gr. 6) was looking forward to “staying in the cabins and hanging out with my friends.” Ethan Lindsay (Gr. 6) was excited “to do archery and rock-climbing.” Most middle school students, like  Jackson Klass (Gr. 8), remember 6th grade camp for years to come. “The most memorable moment of 6th grade camp was when I was on the field and there was a bunch of stars, and we just passed candles around. And it was just awesome!” Mrs. Peabody explains that 6th grade camp is a great way for students to bond and meet new friends. “It’s a great way for kids to get to know each other a little bit better, make better connections with one another, and then, basically learn all about the great outdoors.” 6th graders, looking for their next adventure, made lots of memories and had so much fun.