Teeing It Up


AOMS Golfers warm up on the driving range.

Aidan Drury and Camden Phillips

There are many students at AOMS who enjoy playing on the golf team like Colin Roselle (Gr. 8). “I enjoy playing with my friends and taking easy dubs.” Along with the friendships, Kyler Phillips (Gr.8) enjoys the the physical benefits.“It’s fun and it gives me a good source of reflexes.” For Jackson Klaas (Gr. 8), the competition makes it. “I like it because I get to be with my friends and compete against other schools. So I thinks it is pretty fun in general.” Jay Rode (Gr. 8) sees the game as a way to build life-long skills. “I like being on the golf team because it teaches me many different aspects of teamwork.,” For many students on the AOMS golf team, there are so many reasons to make it a  good life-long sport.