Support for Success – Back-to-School Night


Jacob Dougherty

Teachers, parents and students come back to the campus to meet each other and kick off a new school year.

Nikki Duchene and CarlyRae Jones

Many parents enjoy coming to Back-to-School Night because they are able to personally meet their kids teachers and learn more about their classes. “I like meeting all the parents at Back to School Night.”(Mrs. Frazee, Gr. 6 Science/Math Teacher) Teachers are also able to inform the parents about all the upcoming events and any supplies that they may need for their classroom. Although the evening is very informative, some teachers, like Mrs. Frazee, wish they had, “… a little bit more time with each set of parents, so I could interact with them a little bit more.” In the end, Back to School Night is really all about getting a community together to support student success.