Off to a Great Start


Mrs. Wycoff

Students head to class as the first bell of the school year begins to ring.

Owen Loughery, Reporter

As the sun started to rise on the first day of school, everyone was full of excitement. The students were bummed to end summer but were happy to see their friends, especially Ellie Sied (Gr. 6).  “I miss summer, but I’m really happy to see all my friends again and start up school work.” With schedules in hand, both teachers and students were set for a brand new year. However, Ellie was sad for a few things like,”saying goodbye to summer and sleeping in.” As the year got into full swing, there were plenty of positive expectations for a good year ahead. Everyone had a great time on their first week. “It was pretty great. I love all my teachers and have had a lot of fun.” .Ellie has also been expanding her friend group with the kids from other schools. “Yes, I’ve met many new kids and have made a lot of friends.” All in all, everyone is excited and happy, ready for a new year.