So Many Reasons to Run


Madi Sanders

Team members at their weekly practice.

Madi Sanders and Annie Provo

Cross country is one of the most popular sports on campus. “I chose to do cross country because I like running, and a lot of my friends did it.”(Anya J. Obradovic, Gr. 7) For some it is the personal challenge.  “I want to do as best as I can in my races.”(Anya J. Obradovic, Gr. 7) “I chose cross country because my mom did it and it is super fun to go running.”Sofia Fossie (Gr. 7) For some, it is a tradition. For others, it is a combination of reasons.  “I like to run and I did it last year.” “I want to run a 6 minute mile.”Camilla Battaglia (Gr. 7) For others, it’s the setting. I like running up hills and running in nature.”Sophia G. Leon ( Gr. 7) Whatever, the reason, cross country enthusiasts at AOM meet every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday to make the most of their afternoon. Doing what they love.