Registration – A Mixed Bag


Nico Arboit

Students line up to start the process of registration for the 2018-19 school year.

Alison Sitarz, Reporter

The beginning of school is filled with mixed emotions. Casey Gilewski explains that “Middle school can be an exciting and terrifying time for students.”(Association of Middle-Level Education) For many of the new students, they are more nervous than others. “It’s a bigger school. It’s gonna have harder math.”(Eodie Allensworth, Gr. 6) Juli Slattery notes that the reason for this stress is, “because it means adjusting to change.” (Focus on the Family) Change is difficult for most of us. But it also focuses on all the possibilities. “I’m excited for the new teachers” (Ella Bortje – Gr. 7) “I’m excited to be with all my friends again.” (Aurora Pearson – Gr. 7) Keeping your focus on the positive can really make a difference. “I think 6th grade is going to be amazing. I’m going to have fun.”(Ansh Babar – Gr. 6) Finding success in school can start by having a positive outlook from the very first day on campus. Change plays a part in everyone’s lives, so, make the best of it.