8th Grade Dance

Lucy Walker
8th grade students checking out all the activities.

Lucy Walker, Reporter

Every year, the 8th graders get one last chance to say goodbye, at the 8th-grade dance. This year on June 9th, I got photos of the dance and looked more into it. I also interviewed some kids who thought it is important to go to the dance because, “Its a chance to say goodbye to our friends one last time before we split off to different high schools” -Noelle Plancheon, 8th grade. Also, “Its the moment you’ve been waiting for all year and now it’s here” – Natalie Irving, 8th grade. At the dance, there is music, food and drinks, and a lot of fun activities. A lot of students don’t know how the 8th-grade dance is and I think its important for the 8th graders to see the photos and look back on that night. The dance is an important night for the 8th graders to look back on.