End of the Year Turn-In

Austin Emery, Reporter

Here is some important information, if you wish to join in the fun of the end-of-the-year activities, especially 8th Grade Dance, Talent Show Assembly, Falcon Fiesta/Yearbook Signing, and Promotion. According to a Schoolloop email by Mrs. Lavery, there are some prerequisites to participating in these activities. “Students are not permitted to participate in end-of-year activities or receive yearbooks (even if prepaid) until all materials are returned, or paid for if lost. Report cards are also withheld until all materials are accounted for.” In order to meet these requirements, “students are to bring from home all textbooks (including class novels) for all subjects on their assigned return day as follows: Monday, June 4 for 8th Graders Tuesday, June 5 for 7th Graders Wednesday, June 6 for 6th Graders Friday, June 8 for 7th Grade Chromebooks and Chargers, Monday, June 11 for 6th Grade Chromebooks and Chargers.”  As the end of the year approaches be sure to meet these deadlines in order to enjoy your final days of the 2017-18 school year.