A Changing View

Megan Shetty, Reprter

We have a new look on campus, thanks to some wonderful artists who donated their time and talent. Lilly Allen (Gr. 7) thinks it will make a big difference. “I think that the murals will have a great impact because its more colorful and pretty.” Jake Keller (Gr.7) feels that the vibrant colors help students feel connected.  “I feel like all the bright colors help express people’s emotions” Author, Dan Parolek of Opticos magazine agrees. “While the end products—the works of public art—are always beautiful, their deeper value lies in the conversations we create, the connections we build, and the legacy of relationships we foster along the way, often with transformative results.” As much as the end of the product is amazing, it is our ability to dig deeper and find the true meaning of the piece that will magnify the impact on campus.  Indya Daul (Gr. 7) feels that the experience of watching the artists work made the campus more connected in and of itself.  “I think that the artistic view impacts the school because it makes coming to school more fun and more interactive. And you get to see how the artists put their hard work into the murals.” Lucy Walker (Gr. 7) thought about the legacy it will bring for the future. “It is nice for the new kids coming into our school so that they can now see the nice artwork instead of the blank walls.” Learning is all about changing our views and perspectives as we gather new information and points of view. Our new murals really add a new dimension to that process.