History Plays in Heath

Adding drama to historic moments.

Charlotte Snow, Author

Medieval Times were one of the most important times in history. In Coach Heath’s class, students recreated normal life in medieval towns by producing 3-5 minute plays. Owen Loughery (Gr.7th) enjoyed the performance aspect of the project.“It’s sort of fun since we get to watch our friends up there, and we can also do it with our friends.” There were 6 categories of life that were performed; crime and punishment, disease and medical health, leisure and entertainment,  guilds, homes and households, and trade and commerce. Lexi Auten (Gr.7) enjoyed the creative aspect of the project. “You had to follow all six of the steps, but you could kind of make it into whatever you wanted, including randomness and funniness.” Lilly Allen (Gr.7) really saw the benefits of putting a little drama into learning history. “Instead of just sitting in a class, we got to act it out and really experience what it was like in medieval times.” It seems that fun and learning can in fact go hand in hand.