Robotics Team Reaches New Heights

Racquel Crook, Reporter

This year the sixth grade robotics team won first place in project with their modified hippo roller. In robotics, the teams are required to compete in three different topics, programming, core values, and project. According to Samitha Senthilkumar, robotics is much more than these three topics. “Robotics is important for me because usually, not many women grow up to be engineers, but learning how to do that and being a girl is important,” she said. Danylo Drohobytsky has been doing robotics for 6 years and he has some input on the topic. He told us, “My favorite part about robotics is working with a team and solving lots of different problems from scientific problems to engineering problems to programming problems.” The robotics team is also working on core values. Drew Limberg´s favorite core value is “what we discover is more important than what we win”. The team also does many fun activities such as an activity where one of them is blindfolded and a teammate has to direct them where to go. One more thing that the robotics team is working on is programming. While programming, they have to program the robots to go off and do missions that are based on water because this year’s topic is water. So far they have got the filter, pipe taker, pipe replacement, and the fountain missions to run smoothly.