Letters to Africa

Juliana Proctor, Reporter

            At the beginning of the year, Mrs. Hauck-Wood’s class wrote letters and sent many of our old library books to kids in Africa. Adina Dixon (Gr.6) enjoyed making a new friend and learning something new. “I think that it’s really nice because you’re getting to talk with kids from other countries, and you’re getting to learn about them and have a really cool experience.” Andrew Serebrenik (Gr.6) thought it was fun to tell other people about himself and learning something new about someone else, “I think it’s pretty cool that we get to write these letters to these other kids in Africa because they’re getting to know more about us and we’re getting to know more about them.” Grant Brooker (Gr.6) was interested in how they lived, and wanted them to know what it is like here, “I said where I was from, my name, what we’re learning about in school. I asked them a couple questions about… their lifestyle, and what they did in Africa.” Mrs. Hauck-Wood’s class had lots of fun writing these letters, and we hope that kids in Africa have just as much fun reading them.