Cross Country

Yalda Shamsaeifar, Reporter

Many students at AOMS spent time involved in after-school activities this year. The students on the AOMS cross country team were no exception. “I really enjoy running.” Kiaya Rowlett (Gr. 8). For some, it had to do with family traditions like Spencer Marquet (Gr.8)  “I’ve gone on many runs with my grandpa and that’s what inspired me to join.” For Brian Baldner (Gr. 6), it was a sibling. “My big brother did cross country and it really inspired me to do it.” And Kiaya has an extra added family motivation. “It also helps that my mom’s the coach, so I  what’s really didn’t have a choice.” For Spencer, the added health benefits were also part of the incentive to run. “I wanted to build healthy habits for my life.” But as Coach Rowlett puts it, “It’s just a lot of fun to be outside with your friends and have a good time.” The most important benefit was being part of a team.