Red Ribbon Week Overview

Rio Fuentes, Reporter

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For many students like Nicole Duchene (Gr. 6), spirit week was very exciting here at AOMS. “You get to do different things for different days like pajama day or twin day.” Monday was pajama day and Hayden Hewitt (Gr. 6) enjoyed this day because of the relaxing aspects of it, “because you are able to be comfortable in class.” Tuesday was twin day and Abigail Gerhis (Gr.6), Nicole Duchene, and Selina Lee (Gr. 6) were triplets! Wednesday was wear pink for breast cancer awareness. Ava Schwartz (Gr. 6) enjoyed the creative aspect of spirit week. “You get to express yourself by the way you dress.” For Thursday Evan Pier (Gr.6), Ava Fletcher (Gr.6), Kayla O’Neal (Gr.6), and  Kaitlyn Ferguson (Gr.6) all dressed in tie-dye just like many others. Many people enjoyed Friday, costume day because they got to dress up and celebrate Halloween before Halloween.